Racing on the Edge

Racing on the Edge

SailGP Season 2 is fast approaching and excitement is building for the first event in Bermuda, in what is promising to be an action packed two days of racing. To stoke the excitement further, SailGP is releasing a four-part docuseries in partnership with Rolex, premiering April 1.

You can watch the trailer for Racing on the Edge below, and catch all the episodes on the SailGP YouTube channel and SailGP Facebook page from April 1.

With one episode releasing every week the series takes viewers on a journey from SailGP's founding, through Australia SailGP Team winning Season 1, to preparations for the upcoming Season 2. A thrilling drama boasting human emotion, nation-on-nation rivalry and state-of-the-art technology - all things that make SailGP the world's most cutting-edge sail racing league.

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