Q & A with Ironman Champion Kendrick Louis



We spoke with Ironman Champion Kendrick Louis about his recent trip to Tasmania and how Sail Racing features in his winter wardrobe.

When we hear the word Ironman, we think of big waves, super fit men and women, cereal Giants Uncle Tobys and Nutri-Grain, and these athletes taking on whatever the ocean throws their way, using nothing but human power to get themselves around a course on their surf skis, paddle boards and swimming.

Kendrick has been a long-time follower of the brand and we have only just been able to nail him down during his offseason to chat about how Sail Racing plays a huge part in his wardrobe, whether it be in or out of his competition season.


You're from Sydney, how is Sydney in winter?

Yeah, I'm based in the beautiful town of Manly. As Ironman (surf lifesaving) is a summer sport, winter is our downtime. I personally find it a little too cold to be donning the Speedos and getting amongst it, so it works great for me.


Why choose Tasmania for your latest holiday?

I visited Tasmania as a kid and as soon as I left, I promised myself I would go back there. I didn’t think it would take me 15 years to get back, but man I am glad I did. It’s rugged and raw, and I feel it’s a place you can only truly appreciate by being there and experiencing what it offers in the flesh.




Is Tasmania as cold as we think it is? How did you pack without overpacking?

Well, packing for a summer holiday is hard enough for me, let alone winter and the open elements Tasmania throws at you several times a day. It was cold, sitting at an average of 13 degrees each day, at times feeling like zero.

I was prepared though, I packed two of my favourite men’s outerwear jackets from Sail Racing, the Spray Down Jacket which I wore everywhere, every day and my Spray Softshell Jacket for the days which required a little more wet weather protection. The softshell was also great as a lighter option when hiking around. I also packed a couple of Bowman Hoodies and Bowman Sweats to rotate through each day which kept me very toasty under my jackets. Anything from the Sail Racing Jackets or Sail Racing Outerwear range would be have been perfect.

Down low, chinos and boots or sneakers. The weather turned multiple times in the day, from sunny to raining, cloudy to windy. In my experience it’s better to wear quality clothing over quantity when you’re trying to keep warm.


What were a couple of highlights from your trip?

Hmm, well I had two non-negotiables when visiting Tasmania. The first was to eat fresh oysters straight from the oyster farm with my wife. If you knew her you’d understand her dislike towards oysters…

The second was to stay at my new favourite house in Australia – The Point Tasmania. There are so many amazing things to do in Tasmania and I feel I will be coming back very soon.



What is next install for you?

Come July, my wife and I have booked a quick trip to Thredbo which I am excited about. I'll also be able to put my Sail Racing Jackets and Sail Racing Outerwear to the test again. If you do a specific snow jacket please let me know.

Unfortunately all off-season’s must come to an end and it will be time to rip back into training. Big season ahead hopefully, with racing kicking off in late October if all goes to plan.


Good luck Kendrick and thanks for stopping by!


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