What is the best sailing jacket for me?

What is the best sailing jacket for me?

In sailing, like many other sports, choosing the right gear can make or break your day. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or relatively new to the sport, a good place to start choosing your sailing clothes is in the sailing jackets section.

There are four different types of sailing jackets you should consider when buying this essential part of your sailing apparel:

Shore Wear Sailing Jackets

Shore wear jackets are your multipurpose layer - think of it as the sailing jacket you will wear on and off your boat. They are intended for those colder days spent on the dock, working on your boat or simply hanging out with friends around the club. These jackets often offer some styling which gives you the option to wear them day to day and in a formal setting.

Shore jackets can come in many different forms, waterproof or non-waterproof, fleece or non-fleece lined and down insulated. It is important to consider the climate you live in when choosing your jacket. A fleece lined or down insulated jacket would be ideal for those colder climates, and a non-lined shell would be perfect in warmer conditions.

Despite being intended for on-shore use, a shore jacket can be worn under a more technical jacket when on the water to offer more warmth on those cold days.

Sail Racing’s collection of shore jackets include the SR Softshell, Spray Softshell, Spray Down Jacket, Spray Down Vest and the Spray GTX Jacket.


Sail Racing Jacket Tom Slingsby


Keelboat and Sportsboat Sailing Jackets

Mobility and performance without impacting comfort and safety. That's what you'll want to be looking for when gearing up for a keelboat or sportsboat. Sail Racing jackets are designed to be lightweight, waterproof and highly breathable. Design and functionality are the main concerns when manufacturing these jackets.

Yacht racing is a high-intensity sport practiced in extreme conditions, requiring crew members to constantly move around the boat. To stand up to the punishment of racing and keep crew members dry and warm, Sail Racing jackets are highly technical. These jackets have been tested by some of the best teams and sailors in the world, including Emirates Team New Zealand, the Australia SailGP Team and Sail Racing Test Team member Tom Slingsby, to ensure the best product for our customers.

Some of the standout pieces in this range include the Reference Light Jacket, Reference Spraytop and Orca Spraytop.

Inshore Sailing Jackets

This is your go-to weekender jacket. Inshore jackets are suited for day sailing and should provide more than adequate protection against the weather while you are still relatively close to the shore.

This type of sailing jacket should be able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, offering sun protection and waterproofing in steady rain.

All Sail Racing inshore jackets are waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and perfectly designed to offer full freedom of movement on the boat. When choosing your jacket consider a slightly larger size as this allows for better manoeuvrability and the ability to layer up underneath on colder days.

In this range we recommend the Gore-Tex Team Jacket and the Spray Ocean Jacket.


Sail Racing Ocean Jacket


Coastal and Offshore Sailing Jackets

Coastal jackets tend to be longer in the body, providing more protection below the waist; they are made with heavier material and have higher collars and larger storm hoods.

A high level of waterproofing is crucial. A good jacket should also be highly breathable and not jeopardise mobility. They are the go-to jacket for many cruisers and yacht sailors around the world, who trust our equipment for overnight trips and the worst conditions that you would set sail in.

A well-designed coastal jacket should have plenty of waterproof pockets and have built-in reflective patches for higher visibility under low light conditions for maximum protection while offshore.

Sail Racing’s coastal jackets range include the Reference Jacket and Orca Jacket.

Whether you are looking for a recreational or a more technical sailing jacket, we cannot emphasise enough the need to choose wisely as this will not only make your days in the ocean more pleasant but will even protect you from potentially dangerous situations. Consider how often and what type of sailing you do and that will dictate which jackets should fit your needs.

At Sail Racing, every detail that we add into each Sail Racing jacket has a clear functional advantage, implemented with the goal to create a sailing garment that is at the forefront of quality, function and design. Check out our mens and womens sailing jackets here.


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